Russia and Ukraine Crisis Alerts

Location-based events such as the war in Ukraine can create cascading risks in your supply chains.  Know what is happening now so that you can stay ahead of expanded cascading impacts across the EU and other regions.

Cascading Risks

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, the most significant conventional military attack on a European sovereign state since World War II, has precipitated cascading risk scenarios that will have impacts that extend far beyond the region.

Business Continuity

The increasing number of businesses halting Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine-based operations places a strain on Business Continuity programs and the ability to find alternate sources, providers, and locations.


Sanctions and halting export credit is predicted to severely impact the availability of components and raw materials with a cascading negative impact on pricing and product availability for consumers.

Humanitarian Crisis

Several million people have left for neighboring countries, where there will be a downstream impact on infrastructure, possibly with a negative impact on the ability of companies there to meet commitments.

Supply Chain Intelligence Briefing

Does your organization have operations or third parties that operate in the impacted regions? Here is a briefing from Supply Wisdom risk experts on the steps should your organization take to prepare and respond to the ongoing and escalating crisis.

Russia - Ukraine War: Real-time and
Continuous Alerts

Supply Wisdom is the only continuous monitoring solution that provides a full spectrum of real-time risk intelligence on location risk, and right now there is arguably no bigger location risk to global supply chains than the war in Ukraine. You can continue to check back to this page as it will be updated continuously.


    Supply Wisdom experts are offering their views to several media outlets about the escalating situation. You can catch all the coverage and other resources below:


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