What can you do with Supply Wisdom?


In-depth and targeted Location & Vendor Risk Assessments


Real-time risk intelligence, risk alerts, and health reviews


Ask an Analyst to understand and evaluate risk and impact


Respond to risk vectors and engage with third parties and internally

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Supply Wisdom monitors risks and threats to your third parties and locations in real-time, wherever they are. We assess, quantify, and rate risk based on their potential to disrupt operations.

We review thousands of events every day, reported from hundreds of sources, across 30 or more languages to bring you only those risks that need your attention. If there is a risk, we will tell you about it.

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Objective Risk Scores

An effective TPRM program needs a structured approach to defining risks across a global portfolio. Supply Wisdom offers an objective risk scoring mechanism to assess and quantify risks and impact.

Knowing the nature and impact of risk is essential to develop mechanisms for mitigating disruptions. Strengthen your TPRM and GRC processes with Supply Wisdom’s proprietary methodology for third party and location risk.

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Vendor Risk Assessments

How does a third party or supplier rate among peers? How has their risk profile changed in the recent past? What risks can they pose to your operations? Which events affected their risk score?

Get a 360-degree view with our comprehensive Vendor Risk Assessment for all your critical third parties. Supply Wisdom Vendor Risk Assessments are comprehensive and cover multiple risk categories.

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Ask An Analyst

Uncertain about what a risk alert could mean for you? Have a query about our guidance for a specific risk situation? Need more information to support critical decision making regarding your third parties?

Ask our Analysts and we will supplement our risk intelligence with tailored research. Supply Wisdom Analysts are experts in third party risk and their guidance is part of your subscription.

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Cyber Risk Monitoring

Data and information security related risks from third parties that own, access, store, manage, or process data pose enormous regulatory, legal, and financial implications for enterprises.

Supply Wisdom’s comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecards and real-time risk alerts enable enterprises to quickly assess the cyber susceptibility security posture of their third parties, compliance against industry standards, and institute corrective action.

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Simple Subscription Pricing

Pick the third parties, countries, or cities that you want to monitor based on their risk levels. Watch data and risk intelligence flow into your Supply Wisdom dashboard within 24 hours of sign up. No limits on users.

Add, remove, switch third parties based on your changing business needs. Supply Wisdom provides a flexible, multi-tier approach so that you pay only for the risk monitoring or risk assessments that you need.

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Opportunities, Not Just Risk

Enterprises use Supply Wisdom for more than continuous risk monitoring. Supply Wisdom is a critical decision support tool for supplier consolidation, contract re-negotiations, bid evaluations, third party selections, location identification, etc.

Supply Wisdom offers data and insight about opportunities that you can leverage to reduce spend and create value. Be aware of opportunities to generate value with Supply Wisdom.

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Integrate with TPRM

If you use a Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) or GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) platform, integrate Supply Wisdom with little to no coding. Get Supply Wisdom’s continuous risk alerts and Vendor Risk Assessments within your TPRM.

Supply Wisdom presents you a single source of truth about all your third parties. Arm your TPRM team with Supply Wisdom risk alerts and intelligence.

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Zero Friction User Experience

Using Supply Wisdom is as easy as logging in. No setup or implementation needed because Supply Wisdom is available on the cloud as a SaaS platform. Supply Wisdom offers the same seamless experience on any device.

Supply Wisdom has a responsive User Experience that is designed to help you consume and respond to risk alerts. Never miss a critical risk alert.

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Supply Wisdom Subscriptions

Classify all third parties in your sourcing chain based on their potential impact to your business and operations. Subscribe to Supply Wisdom’s targeted or comprehensive risk intelligence and alerts based on their impact.

Critical Third Parties

Comprehensive Health Monitoring

Continuous risk monitoring with risk scores and risk data across all 6 third-party risk categories; includes monthly update to Cybersecurity Risk metrics; real-time and continuous event notifications with impact level analysis and guidance across 5 impact levels: Immediate, High, Medium, Low and Informational.

High Risk

Focused Health Monitoring

Continuous risk monitoring with risk scores and risk data across 3 third-party risk categories: Financial, Cybersecurity and Governance, Regulatory & Compliance; includes quarterly updates to Cybersecurity Risk metrics; real-time and continuous negative news notifications.

Moderate Risk

Primary Health Monitoring

Continuous risk monitoring with risk scores and risk data across 2 third-party risk categories: Financial and Cybersecurity; Cybersecurity Risk metrics will be updated two times per year; real-time and continuous negative news notifications.

Low Risk

Basic Health Monitoring

Annual Financial Risk and one-time Cybersecurity review with risk scores and data; real-time and continuous negative news notifications.

Supplier Risk Monitoring

Supply Wisdom continuously monitors risks and threats to your third parties, including suppliers. We assess, quantify, and rate risk based on their potential to impact your operations, reputation, and compliance.

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Financial Risk

15+ risk parameters | Ownership, Investment, ratios, balance sheet, liquidity, profitability, and revenue

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Solutions Maturity Risk

45+ risk parameters | Service lines, talent pool, quality certifications, partnerships, operating models, and geographical metrics

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Client Risk

5+ risk parameters | Client wins, client losses, brand reputation

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People Risk

5+ risk parameters | Total FTEs, attrition, employee ratings

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Governance, Regulatory & Compliance Risk

10+ risk parameters | Regulatory compliance, legal actions, liens and settlements, management changes

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Cybersecurity Risk

9 risk categories | DNS, email security, domains, information disclosure, leaked credentials, patch management, IP reputation, website ranking and security

Location Risk Monitoring

Supply Wisdom continuously monitors risks and threats to your business critical locations. We assess, quantify, and rate risk based on their potential to disrupt operations.

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Macro-Economic Risk

10+ risk parameters | Inflation, FDI, credit risk, currency risk

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Legal, Security & Compliance Risk

20+ risk parameters | Policy, cyber crime, trade union activity, labor laws

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Business Risk

20+ risk parameters | Ease of doing business, regulatory and statutory requirements

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Financial Risk

10+ risk parameters | Key labor cost metrics, operational costs, taxation

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Scalability Risk

40+ risk parameters | Size and growth, worker spreads, attrition/hiring, and languages

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Infrastructure Risk

15+ risk parameters | Incentives to source, power and utilities, transport, technological readiness

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Geo-Political Risk

15+ risk parameters | Political risk, social and security risk

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Quality of Life

10+ risk parameters | Expat quality of life measures and business support & amenities