Meet Supply Wisdom at the 2023 TPRA Annual Third Party Risk Conference

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

TPRA Annual Third Party Risk Conference 2023
TPRA Annual Third-Party Risk Conference, brings together Third-Party Risk Management Practitioners, Vendor Managers, Procurement/Sourcing Specialists, Lawyers, Information and Cyber Security Professionals, Project Managers, Compliance and Privacy Specialists, Auditors, and Third-Party Risk Management Service Providers under one roof, with the singular goal of enabling knowledge and best practices sharing on all aspects of TPRM.

Supply Wisdom is a proud sponsor for the conference.

Supply Wisdom will host a breakout session on Building a Resilient Supply Chain on Day 2 of the conference with Atul Vashistha, Chairman & CEO, Supply Wisdom & Matt Rowley, Senior Manager of Enterprise for Global Strategy, Cigna, where they will discuss lessons learned over the last few years and how you can enhance resiliency in your organization through radical transparency, proactive vigilance, and agile intervention.

Dates: April 24 & 26, 2023

Place: Nashville Marriott, Nashville, TN

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