Introducing Our New Managing Director, Alliances and Partnerships: Robert Barclay

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

We are delighted to welcome Robert Barclay to the team, as we continue enhancing Supply Wisdom

Robert brings 30+ years of experience in business, marketing, customer experience, alliances and partnerships. Robert’s wide-ranging experience encompasses small, large, private and public enterprises building brands, leading sales, and creating customer experiences that have an impact. Robert will focus on building upstream and downstream partnerships and channels that will strengthen Supply Wisdom.

Over the course of his career, Robert has worked with companies like Xerox, where he established the partner and alliance group, and Sutherland, Capgemini, and Genpact, where he led their marketing functions. Aligning sales and marketing, he has established joint go-to-market opportunities and third-party partnership programs to open up new markets, enhance value propositions, and create differentiated offerings. He has expertise in strategy creation, business development, and marketing of solutions and services with significant annual revenue plans.

Robert says, “With global footprints, complex supplier relationships, and an ever-increasing load of data points, customers are asking for intelligent and efficient ways to manage their risk and compliance. I am very excited to work with Supply Wisdom to expand their partnerships and alliances in order to meet this growing demand.”

Atul Vashistha, CEO of Supply Wisdom said: “We are delighted to have a seasoned executive like Robert lead Alliances and Partnerships for Supply Wisdom. Robert has built flagship channel programs and third-party partnerships for industry leaders during his career. I look forward to his leadership as we continue strengthening Supply Wisdom’s market leadership in third party risk monitoring and intelligence.”

Find Robert on LinkedIn or write to him here.

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