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Supply Wisdom Announces Integration With Certa

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Wisdom announces Certa integration
The integration of Supply Wisdom’s best-in-class risk intelligence into Certa’s no-code workflow platform will boost customers’ disruption prevention efforts

New York— October 25, 2022 – Supply Wisdom, the leader in continuous risk intelligence and risk actions, today announced an integration with Certa, a leading no-code automation platform for procurement and compliance, that will enable joint customers to access Supply Wisdom’s real-time and full-spectrum risk intelligence within Certa’s workflow automation solution.

“Today’s increasingly dynamic and ever-expanding risk landscape means that identifying the endless unknowns that could disrupt business and supply chains is now beyond human capabilities,” said Atul Vashistha, Founder and Chairman of Supply Wisdom. “But identifying the risks is only part of the solution; without an efficient capability for swift action, companies will continue to experience devastating business and supply chain disruptions.”

“Supply Wisdom is quickly becoming the standard for real-time, continuous, full-spectrum risk intelligence. Combining Supply Wisdom’s risk intelligence with an automated workflow platform, like Certa, enables customers to greatly enhance the value they are deriving from their platform investments while experiencing far fewer disruptions, more resilient supply chains, and enhanced business continuity.”

Through this integration, Certa customers will be able to access Supply Wisdom’s award-winning risk intelligence, which includes real-time alerts and continuously updated metrics and ratings across seven risk domains of Financial, Cyber, Operations, ESG, Compliance, Nth Party, and Location Risks.

“It’s become virtually impossible for businesses to keep up with the unprecedented supply chain disruptions, often forcing them to be reactive and make risky decisions,” said Jag Lamba, Founder and CEO of Certa. “Our partnership empowers stakeholders to use Supply Wisdom’s real-time risk analytics directly from within Certa’s powerful workflow orchestration engine to make informed, data-driven decisions that continuously monitor and mitigate supply chain risk with little to no manual intervention.”

Certa’s software automates and orchestrates entire workflows across business requestors, procurement, compliance, information security, legal, privacy, and finance. By utilizing task queues, parallel approval flows, system integrations, and in-app messaging, Certa’s centralized platform keeps all parties always connected and compliant.

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 About Supply Wisdom®

Supply Wisdom is how companies can finally stay ahead of supply chain disruptions. With today’s dynamic risk landscape, companies face endless unknowns in their supply chains and limited resources to act on them. From natural disasters and compliance issues to bankruptcies and cyber vulnerabilities, companies lacked a clear picture of all risks and the resources necessary for effective action.

Now Supply Wisdom’s always-on monitoring solution provides the most comprehensive real-time risk intelligence and triggers automated risk actions, so companies always have a clear picture of all risks and an efficient solution for swift mitigation. Now it’s all clearSM


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About Certa 

Certa is a SaaS based workflow automation platform that makes it easy for businesses to manage the lifecycle of their third parties. Certa’s powerful workflow orchestration engine enables businesses to streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and break down silos via interdepartmental and internal/external process participants. Certa’s no-code platform allows clients to easily modify and customize their workflows with drag-and-drop features to keep up with their evolving business needs. Certa can stitch together 100+ enterprise systems and data sources, along with an organization’s legacy tech, creating a single point of intake and a single source of truth.


Victoria Stevenson, Corporate Ink for Certa,


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