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Supply Wisdom® Announces the Addition of Continuous Cyber Susceptibility Monitoring to its Cybersecurity Risk Coverage

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Supply Wisdom Adds Continuous Cyber Susceptibility Monitoring to Cybersecurity Risk Coverage


July 02, 2020

Subscribers are now notified in real-time when cyber susceptibility metrics change.

Supply Wisdom, the leader in real-time and continuous risk intelligence,  announced today an expansion to their risk monitoring solution that will deliver continuous monitoring of cyber susceptibility. This coverage will be provided via Supply Wisdom’s patented risk monitoring solution to subscribers starting Friday, July 3, 2020, at no additional cost.

Within the Supply Wisdom risk monitoring solution, cyber susceptibility is an important component of the overall Cybersecurity risk category. The solution already included continuous monitoring of data breaches, hacking, and cyber-attack incidents. With the addition of continuous monitoring of cyber susceptibility, subscribers will be alerted when their third-parties’ cyber susceptibility metrics change. This enhancement will enable subscribers to address cyber vulnerabilities in a timely manner to mitigate cyber-attack susceptibility faster than before. The expanded benefits also include a 60% increase in the number of susceptibility metrics1  monitored as well as new features including FAIR reporting and compliance scoring with industry regulations/standards and best practices. The Supply Wisdom multi risk category dashboard  continues to provide a complete risk view in one place.

“Today business leaders are understandably extremely concerned that the solutions their third parties provide to them are deteriorating as a result of COVID-19’s cascading risks. This enhancement to our solution gives our subscribers another way to monitor their third-parties’ health in real-time, but it’s important to note that cybersecurity is only one of the risks that has increased significantly during COVID that could result in service deterioration and costly business disruptions. Other cascading risks beyond cyber and the obvious financial ones include employee issues, location issues, loss of clients, regulation issues, solutions maturity issues, etc., all of which are already monitored by Supply Wisdom in real-time and continuously” explained Atul Vashistha, Chairman of Supply Wisdom.

Supply Wisdom’s comprehensive risk monitoring solution continuously monitors 14 categories of third-party and location risk2 and delivers real-time risk intelligence through open APIs. Subscribers can select all or any of the risk category feeds that best meet their TPRM needs providing the ultimate in flexibility with seamless integration into their current program.

“Our partner for the cyber susceptibility portion of Supply Wisdom’s cyber security coverage is NormShield.  Supply Wisdom’s open APIs also enable clients to select the cyber susceptibility provider that best fits their needs and integrate that solution easily into the overall Supply Wisdom risk monitoring solution,” explained John Bree, Chief Evangelist for Supply Wisdom.

“Supply Wisdom’s patented solution is truly unique. There is no other risk monitoring solution in the market that continuously monitors the breath of third party and location risks as Supply Wisdom. On top of that, no other solution provides the real-time risk intelligence that leaders need in today’s rapidly changing risk environment to stay ahead of cascading risks whatever their source,” stated Atul Vashistha.

(1) Supply Wisdom  now continuously monitors Cyber Susceptibility risk across 20 metrics that include Digital Footprint, Patch Management, DNS Security, Email Security, IP/Domain Reputation, Leaked Credentials, Fraudulent Domains, Web Security, Information Disclosure, Web Ranking, Hactivist Shares, Social Network, App Security, SSL/TESL Sec, CDN Sec, Fraudulent Apps, NW Security, DDOS Resilience, Brand Reputation, and Attack Surface.

(2) Supply Wisdom’s Third-party Risk Framework includes 6 categories of risk – Cybersecurity, Financial, Solutions Maturity, Client, People and Governance, Regulatory & Compliance. Their Location Risk Framework includes 8 categories of risk – Geo-Political, Legal, Financial, Scalability, Macro-Economic, Infrastructure, Business, and Quality of Life risks.

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