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Supply and Demand Chain Executive: Recession on the Horizon – Enable Radical Transparency

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Recession on the Horizon: Enable Radical Transparency
China’s zero-COVID shutdowns, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, and the tight labor market have all come together to form the perfect storm of supply chain chaos. And now, just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it’s looking like supply-chain woes and the resulting inflation have significantly increased the likelihood of a recession.

For most of us, the word recession brings to mind the 2007-2009 crisis brought on by the housing market’s collapse. While it’s often helpful to look to the past for ways to manage future uncertainties, unlike the financial drivers of the past recession, this time around, the issues are different, and the supply chain drivers require a unique approach.

Atul Vashistha, Chairman & CEO of Supply Wisdom, shares his views on recession during his interview for Supply and Demand Chain Executive.



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