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SupplyChainBrain: Why Leading Companies Are Implementing Risk Operations Centers

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Wisdom - Supply Chain Risk & ROC Interview with Atul Vashistha
The subject of supply chain risk is high on the agenda of business executives today. Many companies bear scars of past disruptions, including a spate of natural disasters over the past decade. But they haven’t necessarily given the subject the full attention it deserves, especially in the age of COVID-19.

In this conversation with SupplyChainBrain Editor-in-Chief Bob Bowman, Atul Vashistha, founder of Supply Wisdom, talks about the role of risk leaders and their increased value and influence due to COVID-19. He also proposes a big step forward in corporate awareness, in the form of a risk operations center (ROC).

SVB Collapse - Comprehensive TPRM Analysis

The Collapse of SVB: Analysis of Risk Indicators and Next Steps for TPRM

Get Supply Wisdom’s comprehensive analysis on SVB, including indicators across a full spectrum of risks, the causes of the collapse, and precautionary steps you can take in response to the SVB collapse.