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Security Magazine: The Way Forward with Risk Operations Centers (ROC)

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Prepare and respond to cascading risks with a ROC
In recent years, Enterprise Risk Management has become increasingly focused on cybersecurity risks. While this focus on cyber is understandable, the current COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that the unpredictable nature of cascading risks requires viewing risk through a much wider risk aperture.

One way forward to successfully tackle this new risk frontier is the establishment of a Risk Operations Center (ROC). The ROC, while enabling enterprise and technology leaders to have the continuous risk monitoring they require to proactively mitigate all cyber issues, will also fully support a CISO/cybersecurity leader’s principal responsibilities.

In this article in the Security Magazine, Atul Vashistha, founder of Supply Wisdom, talks about how enterprise risk and technology leaders must consider risks that go beyond a singular cyber focus.

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