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Industry Today: China Zero-COVID Implications for Supply Chains in 2023

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Industry Today China Zero COVID Implications for Supply Chains
According to the 2021 Global Imports Report, 42% of all goods shipped to the U.S. come from China. Because of this, businesses and consumers alike feel the sting of product shortages and shipping delays when an industrial area in China goes into a lockdown on short notice.

With China’s zero-COVID policies highlighting the risk of doing business in China, many enterprises are re-evaluating their offshoring strategies. Reports by Bloomberg show that the mention of onshoring, reshoring, or nearshoring in corporate earnings and presentation calls has increased more than 1000% in the last few months.

Enterprises today need to increase their investment in risk management solutions that give them greater visibility into their partners and the Nth parties in their supply chains.

Atul Vashistha, Chairman & CEO of Supply Wisdom, shares his views on Covid related disruptions during his interview for Industry Today.


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