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CIPS: The Unexpected Side Effects of Nearshoring Buyers Need to Know

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Management
Geopolitical tensions have led companies to nearshore supply chains but procurement teams should be aware of unexpected consequences of such strategies.

The vulnerabilities in the supply chain over the last couple of years have resulted in efforts to re-engineer supply chains and to reshore certain activities. However, that further destabilizes the supply chain and requires continuous monitoring of potential deteriorations if a catastrophic supplier loss happens with no previous warnings.

Russia’s war in Ukraine and China’s military exercises around Taiwan are prompting reappraisals of procurement strategies, but changes can create problems of their own, according to Victor Meyer, Chief Customer Officer, and Atul Vashistha, Chairman and CEO, Supply Wisdom. Read their views in the article.


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The unexpected side effects of nearshoring buyers need to know 

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