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Compliance Week: Combating Third-party Cybersecurity Risk

Written by Atul Vashistha

Monitoring third-party cybersecurity risk
Cyber-security breaches occurring via third parties is a trend that is not likely to go away anytime soon.

In the past, companies might have been able to shield themselves from liability by pointing the finger at the third party who lost the data. That excuse doesn’t fly anymore, and there are plenty of recent examples to prove it.

In this discussion with Aaron Nicodemus at Compliance Week, Andrew Morrison of Deloitte & Touche, Kelly White of RiskRecon, Jonathan Pressman of TruSight, and Atul Vashistha of Supply Wisdom talk about why risk cannot be outsourced and how companies can modernise cybersecurity risk management with continuous risk monitoring.

SVB Collapse - Comprehensive TPRM Analysis

The Collapse of SVB: Analysis of Risk Indicators and Next Steps for TPRM

Get Supply Wisdom’s comprehensive analysis on SVB, including indicators across a full spectrum of risks, the causes of the collapse, and precautionary steps you can take in response to the SVB collapse.