A New Model for Managing Third-party Risk

Business today is a complex web of third-party relationships. At the same time, risks of disruption from these third parties are increasing in frequency and severity. With the pace of disruption accelerating and the causation spectrum expanding, the weaknesses and

Return to the Workplace… What if They Say No?

With the rollout of vaccination programs, many companies are now putting together their post-pandemic Return to the Workplace (RTW) plans. While executives are busy discussing theories, approaches and concerns for a smooth return to the workplace, I believe there’s something

Infographic: Supply Wisdom’s Guide to Continuous Risk Monitoring

Third-party risk leaders need to stay ahead of today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving risk environment. Unfortunately, most TPRM programs rely on periodic risk assessments. The problem is risk happens continuously between assessments.

Point in Time Risk Assessment are Insufficient

Consequently, organizations are left exposed and unable to