Infographic: Supply Wisdom’s Guide to Continuous Risk Monitoring

Third-party risk leaders need to stay ahead of today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving risk environment. Unfortunately, most TPRM programs rely on periodic risk assessments. The problem is risk happens continuously between assessments. Consequently, organizations are left exposed and unable to proactively avoid or mitigate these “in-between” risk events that could result in significant and costly […]

The Next Covid-19 Shoe to Drop: Actually, It’s Potentially an Avalanche of Shoes

May 13, 2020 After 16 years as a risk leader at Deutsche Bank, Victor Meyer recently joined Supply Wisdom as the COO.  He also served as Vice-Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils for both Pandemic and Catastrophic Risk.  In this blog post, Victor reflects on the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and calls on his vast experience […]

Strengthening Risk Management for Financial Enterprises

Noncompliance. Cyberattack. Data breach. Mere words, but words that strike fear in the hearts and minds of proactive risk managers and finance executives. Operational risk is intrinsic to nearly every activity or event in the financial and customer-data sectors. And it doesn’t help that standard financial risk-management assessment and practices are outdated with inherently limited […]