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Corporate Board Member: The Dangers Of Underinvesting in Risk

Written by Atul Vashistha

Boards Have Underinvested in Risk
Boards today are grappling with the current, and future, impact of Covid-19 on employees, markets, customers, supply chains, revenues and the global economy. The suddenness with which Covid-19 spread and the required transformation to virtual work was unprecedented.

Many directors are asking why their boards and management were caught off guard by the virus itself and the speed with which it impacted their business and the economy.

The bottom line is we were caught off guard due to an underinvestment in risk monitoring and governance infrastructure.

In this article in the Corporate Board Member Magazine, Catherine Allen, Founder and Chairman of The Santa Fe Group and Atul Vashistha, founder of Supply Wisdom, write about tangible ways in which directors can successfully navigate risks in the future.

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