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Supply Wisdom® Releases 2020 Annual Ranking of the Geo-Politically Riskiest Countries

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Supply Wisdom Geo-Political Risk in 2020
New York, March 06, 2020 – Supply Wisdom®, the industry leading real-time and continuous third-party and location risk intelligence and monitoring solution, released their Geo-Political risk ranking of 60 global sourcing destinations.

Highlights from the report include Mexico ranking as number 1 with the highest Geo-Political risk score. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Ukraine rounded out the top 5. Singapore ranked at 60 as the least Geo-Politically risky country monitored by Supply Wisdom.

Modern enterprises are increasingly dependent on third parties geographically dispersed across the globe. While they are increasingly aware of the need to monitor their third parties, they often fail to realize the potentially devastating impact of risks specific to the location in which their third parties or global operations reside.

Supply Wisdom’s location risk framework monitors countries and cities across eight categories of risk. Geo-Political risk is just one of them. So why a Geo-Political risk ranking?

“We used our real-time and continuous risk intelligence to create this ranking, because we believe Geo-Political risks may pose the highest level of global business disruption risks that are not being adequately monitored by enterprises today. The report effectively illustrates the potential impact of these risks and how much location-based risk can vary from one country to another, even in the same region”, answered Atul Vashistha, Chairman, Supply Wisdom.

The report scores and ranks the performance of the 60 countries based on Supply Wisdom’s proprietary methodology. For each country included in the ranking, there is snapshot that outlines significant risk events from 2019 and other factors that influenced the country’s risk scores. Additionally, the report includes quarterly 2019 Geo-Political risk scores that illustrate the volatility of Geo-political risk scores throughout the year.

John Bree, Supply Wisdom Chief Evangelist and former risk leader at Deutsche Bank said, “Location-based risks are in a constant state of flux. Significant location-based risk events are happening with increasing frequency and intensity. As a result, point-in-time risk assessments are no longer adequate. These risks require real-time and continuous monitoring in order to effectively mitigate business disruption risks.”

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