Supply Wisdom is a comprehensive patented solution offering full-stack risk coverage Our supply chain risk management solutions can be purchased as a comprehensive Risk Package or as individual Risk Domain Modules.

Risk Packages

Today as the risk of disruption arises from a wide array of risk events beyond cyber and financial, Supply Wisdom provides a full-stack of risk coverage across 7 risk domains. The market’s only single source comprehensive solution, our Risk Packages enable businesses to cost effectively and efficiently access a comprehensive view of their third-party and locations risks without having to pull together intelligence from multiple disparate solutions.
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Risk Domain Modules

We understand that for some business functions perhaps only one or two particular risk domains fit their needs, while others want full coverage. The flexibility of our solution enables us to offer individual risk modules to be purchased either as risk intelligence, continuous risk monitoring or combination of risk intelligence and continuous risk monitoring. (See Product Options for further details).

For further details, explore Supply Wisdom’s supply chain risk management solutions and Risk Domains

Risk Domains

Supply Wisdom’s full stack risk domain coverage includes third-party risk domains and as well as stand-alone location risk domains for deeper location risk coverage.
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Risk Metrics

Each risk domain is comprised of several risk categories. (See individual Risk Domain Modules for further details)

Under each category there are many individual metrics.

170+ Third-Party Metrics                 160+ Location Metrics

Data accuracy in our advanced risk management solutions is assured through a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and human curation. While RPA (Robotic Process Automation) enables data gathering from millions of sources for 330+ risk metrics in near real-time, Supply Wisdom’s data algorithms use AI and machine learning to validate accuracy, eliminates noise and provides actionable intelligence by performing 3 key functions:

Supply Wisdom ESG Risk Metrics

Establish truth by leveraging truth meters and validation checks

Sentiment analysis to determine whether the information is positive or negative

Risk impact level assignment to Low, Moderate, High or Critical

The final level of human curation, if needed, ensures no noise alerts and zero false positives.

Ask us to demo this intellectual property powering our advanced risk management solutions.

The Supply Wisdom Process

Supply Wisdom is a patented risk management solution (US PTO Patent No. 10,643,165B2) that delivers actionable and continuous risk intelligence on third parties and locations.

Our patented technology continuously monitors for risk events. After validation, risk data collected from disparate sources is transformed into intelligent risk alerts, quantified risk metrics and other actionable risk intelligence. Risk findings from alerts can drive automated risk actions reducing manual intervention.

Supply Wisdom leverages the latest advancements in AI, RPA, machine learning and big data enabling enterprises to:

Continuously monitor their third-parties and locations in a fiscally effective manner
Know in near real-time when their risk landscape changes to drive proactive risk mitigation actions
Increase efficiency and effectiveness of their risk management efforts by automating the process from risk ID to risk mitigation actions

Risk Ratings

Each of the individual metrics is quantified into a risk rating using pre-defined algorithms. The risk rating ranges on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being low risk to 10 being critical risk. Ratings are color coded for ease of visualization

Risk Ratings Scale

Our Risk Methodology

Risk algorithms are driven by risk thresholds and weightages assigned to individual risk metrics, associated risk domains and their risk categories. Risk thresholds and weightages are based on current market/industry dynamics and trends and are expert reviewed twice a year to ensure they remain topical and relevant. All risk metrics are rolled up first into category ratings, then risk domain ratings and finally comprehensive risk rating for the entity being monitored.

While opinions may differ regarding the subjectivity of risk ratings, it is important to understand their value lies beyond the number itself. Fluctuations in risk ratings can be used to evaluate the risk landscape for risk trend analysis and for comparison to both industry benchmarks and between individual third parties and locations. Often it is the change in risk ratings that is more meaningful as a way to guide focus and action.

Risk Reports

One-time Risk Reports*

Access either an Instant or Comprehensive current risk view.

Instant Risk Assessments

An instant scan of risk events from the previous 12 months delivered as a sortable spreadsheet. Risk events are classified by risk domain and impact level.

Comprehensive Risk Scan

A deep dive scan of risk events from the previous 12 months PLUS risk metrics, risk ratings, and analysis delivered via Cloud Dashboard or open APIs.

* Available as part of Risk Check and Risk 360O 
(See Product Options for further details)

Continuous Risk Reports**

Provide an ongoing view of risk that is available on demand, is always current, and accessible via Cloud Dashboard or open APIs.

Pre-Build Dashboards

Include a number of visualizations to provide a comprehensive portfolio view of risk with near real-time and continuously updated risk ratings. These visualizations enable users to quickly identify their most risky third parties or locations, explore findings and alerts, and more.


Present the current rating, as well as the rating and trend for the preceding two quarters, enabling a quick view of risk trends. Ratings are color-coded based on risk level. Downloadable as PDF reports for easy sharing outside of the platform or data as CSV for external data analysis.

Customizable visualization and charting option available.

** Available as part of Risk 360O 
(See Product Options for further details)

Risk Events and Alerts

Supply Wisdom monitors your risk landscape for risk events with the potential to disrupt operations. The Supply Wisdom solution presents risk events as continuous Intelligent Risk Alerts, 12-month Risk Scans, and Alert Summaries.

Intelligent Risk Alerts

Issued in near real-time when a risk event occurs or risk metrics change
Know in near real-time when your risk landscape changes
Early warning to enable proactive risk mitigation actions

Our “Intelligent Risk Alerts”* are the perfect blend of automation and curation. RPA continuously scans millions of sources in over hundred languages for risk events. Machine Learning and AI assign each risk event a Risk Domain, Impact Level and Sources. Unlike Negative News Services, our system ensures there is no noise and zero false positives.

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Each Intelligent Risk Alert includes:

  • A curated executive summary of the risk event
  • Color-coded impact level for easy prioritization of attention and effort
  • Expert risk mitigation guidance provided as actions to consider
  • Links to other related alerts and news sources for further deep dive
  • Delivery via email, Cloud Dashboard and/or open APIs

Increasing internal teams’ efficiency in two ways:

Frees up internal resources from spending time on risk identification
Enables risk teams to focus on the most critical risk events
12-Month Risk Scans
Know your third party or location's current risk profile

Get an instant view of the risk issues experienced by your third party or location over the past 12 months.

Available as part of Risk Check and Risk 360O (See Product Options for further details)

Alert Summaries
See all the alerts for your third parties and locations in one place

A listing of all the alerts issued for either the day, week, month or quarter in an easy to consume format. Displayed with the highest impact level alerts listed first, they are a helpful tool enabling you to see at a glance what is happening with your third parties and locations and where to focus your efforts.

Downloadable Excel spreadsheets enable re-sorting alerts to match your needs. For efficiency, Alert Summaries include direct links to the individual Intelligent Risk Alerts.

See at a glance risk events that require immediate attention
Enter and track follow-up actions
Identify trends and see how risk events have changed over time
Available as part of Risk 360O 
(See Product Options for further details)


All metrics, alerts, ratings, reports and other features can be accessed via the Supply Wisdom Cloud Platform or through APIs to seamlessly integrate into any third-party platform including RSA Archer suite, IBM OpenPages, OneTrust, Sirion Labs, Service Now, Lynx and others. 

As Supply Wisdom offers an unlimited seat license, our risk intelligence can be leveraged across your organization. Risk coverage starts within 24-hours of sign-up.

Cloud-based Solution

Solution and risk intelligence available via Supply Wisdom cloud-based platform within 24 hours of sign-up

Open APIs

Open APIs available as a single risk domain stream or a comprehensive solution

Enhance Your Current Platform

Integrating Supply Wisdom’s continuous monitoring and risk intelligence into your current platform increases the value of the investments you have already made

Single Sign-on

Use Supply Wisdom’s single sign-on feature to access it all within your system

Product Features

Risk Check
One-Time Report
Risk Monitor
Continuous Alerts
Risk 360o
Continuous Alerts and Reports
12-month Risk Scan One-time
Instant and Comprehensive
Risk Metrics
Risk Ratings
Risk Reports
Near Real-Time Intelligent Risk Alerts Yes Yes
Alert Summaries – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Yes Yes
Access via Cloud Dashboard or Open APIs with unlimited seat license Yes Yes Yes
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Product Features

Risk Check

One-Time Report
  • 12-month Risk Scan:

    Quick & Comprehensive
  • Risk Metrics
    Risk Ratings
    Risk Reports:

    Comprehensive Only
  • Access via Cloud Dashboard or Open APIs with unlimited seat license

Risk Monitor

One-Time Report
  • Near Real-Time Intelligent Risk Alerts
  • Alert Summaries – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Access via Cloud Dashboard or Open APIs with unlimited seat license

Risk 360O

One-Time Report
  • 12-month Risk Scan
  • Risk Metrics
    Risk Ratings
    Risk Reports:

  • Near Real-Time Intelligent Risk Alerts
  • Alert Summaries – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Access via Cloud Dashboard or Open APIs with unlimited seat license


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