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Commercial Risk: Covid-19 and ESG Demand Greater Supply Chain Risk Transparency

Covid-19 is putting supply chains under immense strain, adding to existing pressures from natural catastrophes and political risks. The pandemic, for example, has caused severe delays in shipping. A shortage of containers and container vessel capacity, coupled with Covid-19 measures, have led to congestion at major ports and delays to shipments from Asia. Supply chain risk […]

Webinar: Continuous Monitoring for ESG Risks

The Biden administration has set aggressive climate goals leaving little doubt that the “climate” on climate-change has changed dramatically in the US. The goals cover a broad spectrum of climate issues, including reduction of climate pollution, increased resilience to the impacts of climate change, improved environmental justice, protection of public health, and conservation of land, water, […]

Supply Wisdom to Present at Compliance Week Virtual Event

Creating a safe, effective and resilient plan for a return to the workplace requires recognition that one size does not fit all. The conditions the pandemic has created vary greatly from location to location due to factors such as health infrastructure, local government regulations, public transport, people, vaccine availability and so much more. As each […]

Continuity Insights: The Cost of Faulty Risk Management – and How to Avoid It

Fines resulting from poor risk management controls are becoming commonplace in the financial industry – and this new trend is just as expensive as it is avoidable. Recently JPMorgan was charged $250 million over inadequate risk management in its wealth management business. Risk management errors and mishaps are becoming too expensive to ignore. The sad reality is that […]

Risk Management: 3 Critical Risk Management Investments in 2021

Many companies are increasing risk budgets in response to COVID-19’s wide-scale disruptions in 2020. Unfortunately, many widely used third-party risk management practices such as point-in-time assessments and one-time health reviews were ineffective as the situation and risks continued to change and cascade. Is doing more of the same the right answer moving forward? Additional investments […]

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