ESG Risk Domain

ESG can be a reputation risk and also an opportunity. Assesses an organization and location’s climate change impacts, utilization of natural resources, pollution and waste indicators, environmental opportunities, human capital indicators, product liability, corporate governance, and corporate behavior. 

ESG Risk Domain Framework for Third Parties

Understand the ESG risk exposure of your third parties and locations across 30+ ESG metrics continuously

Understand and track the ESG risk rating of your third parties and locations and know if they are compliant with industry standards and recommendations* in near real-time

Know your ESG risk exposure at any time via near real-time and continuous Intelligent Risk Alerts (Available with Risk Monitor and Risk 360O)

In addition to this third-party ESG Risk Domain coverage, Supply Wisdom also offers ESG coverage across 20+ location specific ESG metrics in our stand-alone Location framework. (See Location Packages for Location Framework)

ESG Risk Domain Framework for Locations

* Our ESG coverage for third parties and locations is based on many leading standards including the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, GRI Standards, WEF Stakeholder metrics, ILO, ISO and TCFD recommendations.

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