Supply Wisdom Solutions

We help clients gain greater real-time visibility into global markets and suppliers in order to make more informed strategic decisions, take timely actions and help ensure stable operations.

Learn more about the tiered Supply Wisdom Solutions below, that offer flexible plans and an interactive cloud platform.

SW Alerts

Stay informed about new opportunities and potential service disruptions across your supply locations and suppliers with real-time alerts delivered to your inbox and available via the Supply WisdomSM cloud platform.

  • Proprietary process continuously monitors all locations and suppliers.
  • Relevant opportunities and risks are reviewed by our expert analysts and actionable guidance is provided to help you decide on next steps.
  • Color-coded impact analysis enables you to quickly identify level of urgency.
  • Direct links to news articles and sources are shared for quick access to additional information.


Gain the most comprehensive coverage of global locations and suppliers, including access to SW Alerts & SW Info, as well as additional expert insights and actionable guidance to help you make better global sourcing decisions.

  • Deep analysis and actionable guidance on strategic opportunities and risks across 250+ key indicators, including financial, geo-political, scalability, and more.
  • Comprehensive risk profile and risk score for each target, based on a proprietary 10-point risk scale.
  • Enables cross-target comparative analysis.

Term Annual Annual
Real-time alerts shared via email and on the platform Y Y
At-a-glance, color-coded impact analysis to quickly identify the level or urgency Y Y
Actionable guidance outlines recommended mitigation steps Y Y
Direct links to content sources Y Y
Deep dive view of 350+ data points for each target Y
Access to historic date for each target Y
Trends analysis through interactive charts/graphs Y
Comprehensive analysis or 350+ data elements, including financial, geopolitical, infrastructure, and more Y
Cross-target comparative analysis Y
Actionable guidance on strategic opportunities and risks Y
Comprehensive risk profile for each target, based on proprietary 10-point risk scale Y
Dashboard view or all subscribed targets Y Y
Rich data visualizations Y
Filter content by data range Y
Sort content by various criteria, including target and time Y Y
Interactive accordion views drill down deeper Into specific criteria Y
Ask an Analyst Y Y
Easy Share Y Y
Access to Resource Library Y Y
No. of User Licenses Included 10 10
Ability to Change Targets Annual Annual
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