Supply Wisdom℠ is used by a number of functional areas involved in Global Services & Outsourcing. Some examples of the functional groups and their uses of Supply Wisdom℠ are noted in the table below:gsrm-faq-design
Supply Wisdom continuously monitors 50+ Countries, 100+ Cities, and 200+ suppliers, and is constantly expanding coverage.
If a Location or Supplier of interest to you is not on the Supply Wisdom Target List, contact us at In most cases, your target Location or Supplier can be added in less than 10 business days using the Supply Wisdom℠ model and framework, so you can quickly evaluate your target of interest using the same objective model used for all Supply Wisdom℠ targets.
Supply Wisdom℠ uniquely provides ongoing monitoring of Suppliers and Locations, while providing an objective risk-based model for tracking, comparing and predicting risks. It provides these advantages in the cloud, on a subscription-basis, without the need to invest in any systems. Getting started takes minutes.
Supply WisdomSM relies on more than 100 sources of data, including both public and private sources, and we conduct both primary and secondary research. Every data point used in our models have at least two sources of data to help ensure the integrity of our model, and to provide you with reliable, fact-based insights.
Supply Wisdom℠ Risk Ratings are an objective, integral part of our service that allow you to quickly compare potential risk and opportunities across Suppliers or Locations.

Our risk ratings are rooted in our proprietary algorithms that look at both quantitative and qualitative changes in the marketplace. In our models each category of risk (Macro-Economic, Financial, Scalability, etc.) is given a risk weighting based on the potential impact of the category on operational risk. We make that risk weighting completely transparent to you as a subscriber. This gives you insight into knowing what risks are changing, and confidence in taking appropriate actions to mitigate risk.

None! Supply Wisdom℠ is a cloud-based service and, as such, no additional systems are needed and no system integration is required to use Supply Wisdom℠.
More than 100 global companies use Supply Wisdom℠ across industries and regions.

These companies, such as Northern Trust, SunCorp, Disney and Merck, benefit from using Supply Wisdom℠ insights to manage their complex global services and, where applicable, to meet regulatory demand to continuously monitor third-party risk.

Clients also include companies in less regulated industries such as Microsoft, Mondelez International, Walgreens and, who benefit from using Supply Wisdom℠ to better manage their global outsourced and company-owned resources.