Prevent Disruptions, Secure Your Supply Chain and Ensure Operations Resilience

Overreliance on legacy practices such as periodic risk assessments across one or two risk domains leaves your supply chain unnecessarily exposed to risks of disruption. You can’t mitigate what you never saw coming! Modernize your approach with continuous ‘always-on’ risk monitoring across a full-stack of risks. With Supply Wisdom’s comprehensive and real-time risk intelligence you gain the broad and deep visibility required to prevent disruptions, secure your supply chain and ensure operations resilience.
Third party and supply chain risk management

Comprehensive Supply Chain Visibility
Continuous Monitoring
Broadest and Deepest Coverage
7 risk domains
329+ risk metrics
From Procurement to Ongoing Risk Management

Triangulate Location Impact
With Your Suppliers for Your Supply Chain Risks of Disruption

Early Disruption Warning
Real-time Intelligent Risk Alerts
No Noise
Zero False Positives


Supply Wisdom®
Single Source Continuous Supply-Chain Risk and Resilience Solution
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No other solution even comes close
Supply-Chain (Third-Party) Risk

Third-Party Risk Product of the Year
2021 Technology Awards Winner
Risk Management Solution Innovation
2021 Globee®️ Gold Winne

Leading real-time and continuous full-stack supply chain risk resilience solution

Coverage across 169+ metrics, ratings and events in 7 risk domains:

  1. 1. Financial
  2. 2. Cyber
  3. 3. ESG
  4. 4. Operations
  5. 5. Compliance
  6. 6. Nth Party
  7. 7. Location
  • Cover one or a few risk domains
  • Lack continuous ‘always-on’ monitoring
  • Lack real-time risk alerting
  • Data contains too much noise
  • Alerts have very high false
  • Lack intelligent alerts with actionable insights
Location Risk

Leading real-time and continuous full-stack supply-chain location risk intelligence solution

Coverage across 160+ metrics in 8 location risk domains:

  1. 1. Macro-Economic
  2. 2. Financial
  3. 3. Geo-political
  4. 4. Infrastructure
  5. 5. Business
  6. 6. Scalability
  7. 7. ESG
  8. 8. Legal, Security & Compliance
  • Lack location coverage entirely or cover only a few location metrics
  • Do not consider location impact on supplier or supply chain disruption

Standards based real-time and only continuous ESG solution for enterprises, suppliers, and locations

Coverage across 55+ ESG risk metrics

  • No continuous monitoring and event alerting
  • Point-in-time questionnaire-based assessments become quickly stale
Nth Party

Most comprehensive and only continuous Nth Party monitoring with real-time risk intelligence

Coverage across 169+ metrics

  • Most lack Nth Party continuous monitoring and event alerting

Most comprehensive and continuous cyber monitoring

Includes both real-time cyber incident alerting and continuous cyber susceptibility monitoring

Across 20 categories, standards based with 400+ controls

  • Limited cyber focus
  • Lack continuous monitoring of cyber susceptibility and event alerting
  • Lack sufficient supply chain visibility to uncover cascading risks before cyber susceptibilities occur
Industry Specific

Customized by Vertical

Users always confident of compliance with industry specific requirements

  • Generic or one-size fits all
  • Don’t offer industry specific coverage
Early Disruption Warning

Continuous ‘Always-on’ monitoring

Leverages automation, AI, and Data Science for Real-time Intelligent Risk Alerts

No noise and zero false positives

  • Flood users with excess noise
  • Market reports over 80-90% false positives alerts

Patented methodology that is transparent and flexible

Allows client customization of risk models

  • Proprietary ”black box”

Only Continuous Full-Stack Risk Intelligence Can Show you Everything

If your risk program relies only on Financial, Cyber, Operations, and Geo-Political risks, you are missing the leading indicators for effectively predicting cascading risks. A limited view of risk exposes you to massive supply chain disruptions like Covid.

The only way to build resilience is to widen your risk aperture and go full-stack.

3 Reasons Why You Need Continuous Full-Stack Risk Intelligence

Proactively mitigate and respond to risk

Ensure supply chain resilience

Speed up sourcing due diligence

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