Risk Program Support

Supply Wisdom has various options for additional risk program support.

Ask an Analyst

For clients to submit specific queries on risk intelligence or risk alerts with 24-hour SLA (included with all risk packages)

Client Champions

To support and assist clients’ internal teams to maximize value obtained from Supply Wisdom (included with all risk packages)

Risk Analysis as a Service℠ (RAaaS)

Additionally, Supply Wisdom offers a bespoke paid service, Risk Analysis as a Service (RAaaS) to assist clients with managing risk intelligence notifications, performing risk delta and rating trend analysis / reporting, and bespoke research and risk intelligence. Clients can contract for part-time or full- time resources.

Provides the necessary expertise, dedicated recourses and platform support to maximize the value of Supply Wisdom’s risk intelligence by converting risk intelligence into proactive mitigation action.

RAaaS enables you to integrate Supply Wisdom’s external risk intelligence with internal data from your third-party relationships, to get a holistic risk view of your third-party portfolio

RAaaS allows you to expand your TPRM team without actually having to hire and manage additional resources

A flexible onsite-offshore team mix provides added cost benefits

The RAaaS team is dedicated to working closely with the client’s internal TPRM team to enhance existing programs and support new initiatives.
Clients can expect the RAaaS team to perform the following activities:
Supply Risk Delta Analysis & Reporting

Based on established client approved protocols, engage internal and external stakeholders when risk ratings change outside approved parameters

Risk Rating Trend Analysis & Reporting

Develop and provide detailed reports based on a client approved RACI protocol

Alert Notification Management

Based on established client approved protocols, engage internal and external stakeholders to appropriately address and resolve issues

”Ask An Analyst” Management

Ensure appropriate distribution of information

Vendor/Jurisdiction Analysis & Reporting

Focused analysis, escalation, management and reporting of vendor/jurisdiction related warnings, issues and events, per client approved protocols

User Management

Detailed SW User activity reporting, User On-Boarding and required training as necessary

Customized Reports and Briefings

Per internal protocols and required cadence. Such reports typically cover:

Risk visualizations
Risk triggers
Escalation reports
Actionable intelligence

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