Webinar: Third Party Intelligence for Operational Resiliency

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Wisdom - Aravo - Op Resilience Webinar

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With today’s dynamic risk environment, organizations are facing increasingly significant threats of disruption. More than ever operational resilience is critical. But operational resilience – the ability to continue to deliver on strategic objectives in spite of the challenges of the current risk landscape – requires organizations to evolve beyond legacy risk management practices that take a siloed, reactionary, and recovery focused approach.

A modern approach to operational risk and resiliency requires enterprises to have a full view of exposure from third parties. You must be able to integrate internal supplier data with continuous external data feeds that are deep and broad – deep into supply chains and the third-party ecosystem and broad across a full-spectrum of risk.

This real-time, 360-degree view of third parties enables teams to align objectives and approaches across the enterprise, prioritize and focus mitigation efforts to prevent disruptions, secure supply chains, and achieve operational resilience.

Join a panel of experts to learn more about how they are using real-time data and automated workflows to build resilient supply chains and third-party ecosystems.

Date: January 12, 2022
Time: 11 AM ET/10 AM CT


  • John Bree, Chief Evangelist & CRO, Supply Wisdom
  • Kimberley Allan, CMO, Aravo
  • Sandeep Suresh, Head of Operations and Technology, Supply Wisdom


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