Webinar: Top 5 Ways to Prevent Supply Chain Disruption In 2023

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Webinar on Top 5 Ways to Prevent Supply Chain Disruption In 2023
After a year marked by an expansion in supply chain disruption, 2023 is expected to be a challenging year for third-party and supply chain risk professionals. The New Year offers an opportunity for organizations to plan for another rush of interruption and dangers to business flexibility from financial headwinds, inventory network deficiencies, international occasions, and expanded administrative investigation.

This webinar with Shared Assessments will explore how risk professionals can improve supply chain resiliency. Participants will learn practical ways to identify and manage threats posed by Nth Parties, understand, and prepare for heightened ESG regulations, and identify cascading risk events that could signal a looming supply chain disruption.

Date: February 8, 2023

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm ET


Jenna Wells, Global Head of Customer Experience, Supply Wisdom

Tom Garrubba, Director, TPRM, Echelon Risk + Cyber

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