Webinar: Continuous Monitoring for ESG Risks

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Wisdom Webinar on Continuous Monitoring of ESG Risks
The Biden administration has set aggressive climate goals leaving little doubt that the “climate” on climate-change has changed dramatically in the US. The goals cover a broad spectrum of climate issues, including reduction of climate pollution, increased resilience to the impacts of climate change, improved environmental justice, protection of public health, and conservation of land, water, ocean, and biodiversity. While changes will begin in the Federal Government departments, with the administration’s declared intent to drive the mitigation of climate related risks in every sector of our economy, a trickle down to the private sector is inevitable. Forward thinking companies are rising to the challenge and looking to incorporate ESG more prominently across their corporate programs, including risk management.

In this webinar, risk leaders will discuss the shift required to adopt ESG principles and the governance and risk management implications for their business and third parties, including:

  • How the National Climate Task Force will trickle down to the private sector
  • How the rise in social consciousness around climate issues can be either a competitive advantage or an increased reputation risk
  • How this will impact third-party and supply-chain risk management

Key Takeaways

  • What regulatory and compliance changes can businesses expect in the near future
  • What an effective ESG risk monitoring framework should include
  • How continuous monitoring can be used to proactively mitigate the resulting compliance and reputation risks businesses will face



March 10, 11 AM ET

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