Webinar: Automating Supply Chain Risk Incident Actions and Response

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

2021 March 18 Webinar on Automating Supply Chain Risk Management
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Many companies are increasing risk budgets in response to COVID-19’s wide-scale disruptions in 2020 and expanding their Risk Intelligence programs. Unfortunately, many widely used third-party risk management practices such as point-in-time assessments and one-time health reviews were ineffective as the situation and risks continued to change and cascade.

Doing more of the same is not the right answer moving forward. It is time to find a new, more responsive operating model for risk assurance and resilience in the supply chain.

Key Takeaways

  • Why traditional risk management practices are insufficient to ensure resiliency,
  • Increasing your risk aperture beyond cyber and financial risk,
  • The importance and value of continuous risk monitoring, and
  • Building an automated risk management process that is focused on effective and efficient risk actions and responses.

The sessions include an interactive Q&A.



March 18, 8 AM ET, 12:00 GMT

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