Webinar: Actionable Risk Intelligence – Leveraging Data Science and Automation

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Webinar on Actionable Risk Intelligence
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Faced with an ever-greater reliance on third parties and the increasing severity and frequency of business disruptions, leading companies have recognized the need to evolve past outdated third-party risk and governance practices such as point-in-time assessments with limited risk categories.  Today resilient supply chains and operations require incorporating continuous monitoring capabilities across a data-driven, multi-dimensional risk framework.

But can all of this continuous intelligence be too much of a good thing? Is continuous monitoring the solution that creates another problem – information overload?  After all, continuous risk data is only valuable if it is actionable – otherwise it’s just noise. Adopting a continuous risk management approach can be trading one problem for another UNLESS enterprises also leverage the powerful tools of data science and automation.

Join Atul Vashistha, Chairman of Supply Wisdom, as he interviews Jim Routh, former Risk leader at Mass Mutual and Aetna. Jim will share his experience on transforming enterprise risk management programs by leveraging automation and data science.

Key Takeaways

Learn how to adopt continuous monitoring while leveraging data science and automation to:

  • Avoid continuous information overload
  • Maximize the value of continuous risk intelligence
  • Improve ability to monitor and mitigate risks of 3rd, 4th, and Nth parties
  • Increase supply chain and enterprise resilience



April 8, 12 PM/Noon ET

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