Watch Now: China, Taiwan, and Supply Chain Disruptions

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

China - Taiwan Supply Chain Disruptions
On August 04, 2022, China launched a series of military exercises in multiple zones around Taiwan in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. Taiwan has long been a political flashpoint in US-China relations, and with China trying to assert technological and economic dominance, further disruptions of global supply chains could be imminent.

Watch this session where Supply Wisdom risk experts discuss:

  • The industries dependent on China and Taiwan and the critical roles both countries play in the global economy
  • Potential impact of conflict on US-based businesses
  • Long-term ramifications for supply chains still reeling from Covid-related lockdowns and the Russia/Ukraine conflict

The session is meant for supply chain, third-party risk, and procurement leaders so that they can better understand global supply chain implications and actions they should consider to mitigate disruptions.

Watch on-demand here

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