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Supply Wisdom, Industry Leading Continuous Risk Intelligence Solution, Is Now Certified as RSA Ready

Written by Robert Barclay

Supply Wisdom now RSA Certified
NEW YORK, NY, April 7, 2020

Supply Wisdom, the industry leading real-time and continuous risk intelligence and monitoring solution, announces the certification of its complete third-party and location-based risk data onto the RSA Archer® Suite.  RSA, a global cybersecurity leader delivering Business-Driven Security™ solutions, is a leading provider of third-party risk management solutions through its RSA Archer Suite.

Since 2012, global enterprises have used Supply Wisdom for continuous third-party and location risk intelligence, real-time risk monitoring, in-depth risk assessments, and risk scorecards to minimize the risks of disruption facing their business and third parties.  The solution includes curated, real-time alerting of negative news and cybersecurity incidents as well as access to a risk research desk. Through this certification, customers will now have seamless access to this critical risk intelligence and insights.

“We are thrilled to enhance Supply Wisdom’s ‘Data as a Service’ by now being RSA ready. This expands our offering to not just our current customers but also offers an additional solution to customers of the RSA Archer Suite,” said Atul Vashistha, Supply Wisdom Chairman. “We believe that the comprehensive set of continuous and real-time risk intelligence we can provide on third parties and locations at both the country and city levels will allow RSA Archer customers to better continuously manage their third-party risk beyond the traditional assessment-based approach.”

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Supply Wisdom is transforming the supply chain and third-party risk management space globally. Supply Wisdom solutions automate risk management for enterprises and deliver continuous third-party and location risk intelligence, risk monitoring and risk actions across the widest risk aperture to minimize the risks of disruption facing their business, supply chains and third parties.

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