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SupplyChainBrain: Will the End of ‘Zero COVID’ Stabilize China’s Economy?

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

zero-COVID” policies in China
China may have scrapped its “zero-COVID” policies, but questions about its continuing role in supporting global supply chains remain.

Like every nation confronted by COVID-19, however, China is essentially running blind — struggling to cope with a crisis that has no precedent in modern times. Given such a high degree of uncertainty about the pandemic on a global scale, it’s no surprise that the future status of China’s manufacturing base remains cloudy and continues to generate sharp disagreement among experts and business leaders.

With the persistence of COVID-19, growing geopolitical tensions, and China’s uncertain future, catastrophic risks today are “cascading.”. This has the potential to be quite disruptive — impacting a supply chain that’s already fragile, says Victor Meyer, Chief Strategy Officer of Supply Wisdom, a provider of third-party risk intelligence, during his interview with Robert J. Bowman, SupplyChainBrain


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