Third Party Risk Monitoring

Are You Using RSA Archer® Suite for Your TPRM? Supercharge It With Continuous Risk Data and Intelligence from Supply Wisdom

Written by Robert Barclay

RSA archer risk intelligence boost
Whether you’ve had to protect your clients’ financial data from the threat of third-party attacks, plan for natural disasters that could affect your partners or develop strategies to deal with a political disruption, RSA Archer has provided you with the tools to manage third-party risk assessments and the actions resulting to mitigate any issues identified.

But as powerful as RSA Archer is for TPRM, can you imagine supercharging it with an early-warning system that provides insights into potential disruptions? And what if you could have continuous, real-time third-party and location-based risk data, alerts and intelligence at your fingertips wherever you are?

This is exactly what the Supply Wisdom/RSA Archer integration achieves — plus a great deal more. In this article we take an in-depth look at the benefits you’ll get from merging these power-packed TPRM solutions.

Features of the Supply Wisdom/RSA Archer Integration

Working together with RSA Archer, Supply Wisdom offers global enterprises continuous, real-time risk data and intelligence on third-party connections, so you can keep a close eye on all manner of threats relating to your vendors, partners, suppliers and customers. Indeed, with its real-time updated, easy-to-understand scorecards that you can view anytime — from any device — Supply Wisdom never leaves you waiting for the risk assessment cycle and risk forecasting metrics you need to keep your enterprise and key partners safe.

The Supply Wisdom integration adds the following real-time risk assessment benefits to the RSA Archer platform:

  • DATA: Risk data on over 300+ risk parameters aligned to 6 third-party risk categories (Financial, Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Client, People, and Solution Maturity) and 8 location risk categories (Geo-political, Legal, Macro-economic, Business, Financial, Infrastructure, Scalability and Quality of Life)
  • INSIGHTS: Deep insights, monitoring and forecasting of vendor risk potential in the areas of financial stability, data-security compliance and cyberattacks
  • ASSESSMENT: Leverage the data, alerts and scorecards to get an instant external risk assessment of your third party or the location of operations
  • ALERTS: Continuous news monitoring across all third party and location risk categories that is 100% curated to ensure no false positives and integrated into RSA Archer workflows for tracking and mitigation
  • REPORTS: “Point-in-time” risk profiles for potential new vendors and third parties for better business decisions when evaluating and selecting new partners
  • SCORECARD: Real-time and continuous risk scorecard of your third parties and locations. Compare and contrast easily and understand if risk is rising or declining.
  • MANAGEMENT: Access alert summaries as daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, to help understand key issues and trends. Track use of data, alerts etc.
  • PRE-BUILT CONNECTORS: The Supply Wisdom solution easily integrates into your existing RSA Archer platform. The pre-built RSA Archer certified connectors made it a breeze.

How Supply Wisdom Helps Mitigate Third-Party Risks

From a boots-on-the-ground perspective, augmenting your existing RSA Archer platform with Supply Wisdom offers the following risk-prevention benefits:

  • A methodical, organized risk-assessment strategy. With so many third-party risk factors to consider, something is likely to fall through the cracks. Whether you failed to plan ahead for a vendor facing hurricane season in Florida or you didn’t consider the potential for a fourth-party data breach, oversights like these can knock enterprises off-kilter and take a serious toll on business efficiency. Supply Wisdom’s real-time insights augment RSA Archer’s standardized and methodical approach to risk assessment to ensure you never miss a beat.
  • Future vision for faster, stronger risk abatement. Supply Wisdom’s risk service offers insights related to potential future business disruptions. This helps you prepare in advance to steer clear of disasters or resolve them faster when they arise.
  • Reduce overtime costs and business stress. Supply Wisdom’s advanced features mean there will be fewer fires to put out, and therefore fewer instances of paying employees overtime to solve last-minute problems and less “reaction overload” caused by emergencies.

Supercharge RSA Archer With Supply Wisdom Now!

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