Real Time Risk Monitoring for Effective Risk Management

Written by Swathi Sarma

What does Q3 2016 look like? How do your favorite sourcing hubs fare? How have the risks and opportunities varied in comparison to the previous quarters? Answers to these questions & more are the focus of this upcoming Supply Wisdom Insights webinar on 21 December 2016.

Supply WisdomSM recently launched the fourth instalment of its quarterly Supply Wisdom Monitor: Country Risk Index, a Comprehensive coverage of risks and opportunities of global outsourcing markets and ranking of key locations based on Composite Risk Score, generated by Supply Wisdom’s Risk Algorithm. Ten major outsourcing hubs across APAC, EMEA and Americas are analyzed using the Supply Wisdom framework, deep diving into factors that affect business and costs mainly Geo-Political, Financial, Scalability, Legal, Business, Infrastructure, Macro-Economic, and Quality of Life.

Why should you monitor these outsourcing hubs?

Join us for this webinar, to understand why it is essential to monitor key outsourcing locations that have a high probability of impacting business and gain insights and guidance on how to build a proactive risk mitigation plan to address those risks.

You will learn:

– What does the Risk Index offer and what is the objective?

– Why the chosen 10 outsourcing hubs in particular?

–  What is the ranking methodology and how did we arrive at the risk scores?

– Outsourcing hubs and the respective opportunities and risks

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Access the webinar presentation here.

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