Outsource2LAC: Latin America and the Caribbean Outsourcing Summit

Written by Laurence Blanchette

OUTSOURCE2LAC is the most popular and influential forum on Outsourcing and Offshoring in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Latin America and the Caribbean Outsourcing Summit (Outsource2LAC) will take place at the Westin Camino Real Hotel in Guatemala City on November 11-13, 2014.

The objective of the forum is to provide an opportunity for participants to exchange the latest trends in the service sector and identify global business opportunities.

Neo Group CEO, Atul Vashistha, will be participating in a panel discussion on Digital, the next wave of exponential growth (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud).

Session Description:
As individuals and enterprises become more adoptive of mobility, social networking platforms and cloud technology, SMAC presents an opportunity to increase productivity, enable interoperability and generate business intelligence on demand. SMAC has possibly been “top of the talk” across all business transformations. During this session the panel will explore the “next generation enterprise model” and discuss emerging opportunities that SMAC offers.

Vikrant Khanna, Principal, Tholons, India

– Atul Vashishta, Chairman & CEO, NEO Group
– Elliot Torres, Manager System Integration, Deloitte.
– Juan Pablo Nuñez, VP Software Factory, Infocorp
– Luis Ahumada, Director, MediaStream
– Rogelio Monteiko, Head of Special Sales Channels, Google

For more details, please visit the event page.