Meet Supply Wisdom at The Operational & Organisational Resilience Conference

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Supply Wisdom at the Operational & Organisational Resilience Conference

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The Operational & Organisational Resilience In Financial Services Conference will deep dive into how to drive robust, watertight, and compliant organizational and operational resilience and risk strategies for financial services; respond effectively to regulatory changes; leverage tech innovations and measure data to mitigate cyber risks; align with third parties to create cohesive continuity capabilities; embed resilience and risk in business values as well as create a culture of resilience even while working from home; and maximize COVID-19 lessons learned to develop longevity in future operational and organizational resilience strategies.

Supply Wisdom will exhibit at the conference.

Drop by our booth to experience our continuous full-spectrum monitoring and real-time risk intelligence, which is helping enterprises modernize risk practices to better prevent disruptions and improve supply chain resilience.

Dates: Sep 21, 2022

Place: London

Booth No: #2

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