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Meet Supply Wisdom at the Shared Assessments Third Party Risk Summit

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply WIsdom at Shared Assessments Summit

The digital world puts third parties at the center of innovation. Third parties are seamlessly embedded and integrated into enterprise supply chains. Fortune 2000 enterprises alone work with thousands of third parties, large and small, cutting across multiple businesses and functions. Each of those third party relationships contributes to overall risk.

The 12th Annual Shared Assessments Third Party Risk Summit is a great place to meet and share expertise in third party risk monitoring.

Meet Supply Wisdom at the summit.

The 12th Annual Shared Assessments Third Party Risk Summit is the premier global, multi-industry event to shed light on processes, technologies and efficiencies in third party risk management. The event brings together leading experts in risk management to identify trends and share best practices.

Atul Vashistha, Chairman & CEO, NeoGroup, will moderate a panel on Managing a New Area of Risk: Convergence of Operation Technology (OT) & Information Technology (IT) on Wednesday, April 10 at 10:45 AM.

Supply Wisdom is an exhibitor.

Supply Wisdom equips global enterprises with continuous third-party and location risk intelligence, real-time risk monitoring, in-depth risk assessments, and health scorecards to minimize the risks of disruption facing their business and third parties.

You can comprehensive risk intelligence & real-time risk monitoring within 24 hours of sign up!

Meet our experts at our booth to experience the incredible depth of our third party and location risk intelligence.

Date: April 10, 11, 2019

Location: The Ritz Carlton – Pentagon City. 1250 South Hayes Street Arlington, VA 22202 United States

Request a meeting with our risk experts us at the event.

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