Meet Supply Wisdom at the CefPro ESG Europe 2022

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Wisdom is sponsoring ESG Europe 2022

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As the focus on ESG continues increasing, the ESG Europe conference offers an opportunity for procurement, risk, compliance, and sustainability professionals to come together and share best practices and learn from peers.

Supply Wisdom is a proud sponsor for the conference.

Supply Wisdom will be presenting a session on Building an ESG Program for your Supply Chain on Day 2 of the conference (April 28).

John Bree, Chief Evangelist & Chief Risk Officer, Supply Wisdom will lead a session on:

  • Managing ambiguity and complexity around ESG and reporting
  • What does a consolidated full-spectrum view of ESG look like (E + S + G) and what matters for your enterprise?
  • Best practice to acquire verifiable data on ESG
  • Managing the jurisdictional risk for captives and vendors
  • Mitigating ESG risks and demonstrating compliance across supply chain
  • What are your peers and neighbors doing?

Dates: April 27 – 28, 2022

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