Meet Supply Wisdom at the AHRMM-2022

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Wisdom at ASHRMM22

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The AHRMM22 is the leading education and networking event for health care supply chain. The event brings together providers, affiliates, academics and vendors for four days of insightful keynotes, practical learning labs, new product presentations and face-to-face discussions and networking activities.

At AHRMM22, we will explore the latest health care supply chain trends, tools and resources and discuss new and innovative approaches to building a more connected, resilient and efficient health care supply chain.

Supply Wisdom will exhibit at the conference.

Supply Wisdom will be presenting a session on Preventing Healthcare Supply Chain Disruptions with Actionable Risk Intelligence on Day 2 of the conference (August 8).

Kumar Chandramohan, Field CTO, HealthCare & Life Sciences, Supply Wisdom will discuss:

  • What challenges are plaguing the healthcare supply chain?
  • Location as a critical cascading risk vector
  • Early warning for supply chain disruptions with AI and automation
  • Seeing the full spectrum of supply chain risk in real-time

Dates: August 7 – 10, 2022

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