Mauritius: The Gateway to Africa

Written by praveen gupta

Following is an interview with Atul Vashistha, Chairman of Neo Group. Atul is a leading proponent and practitioner of globalization and futurizing enterprises. He is recognized globally as one of the leading advisors on globalization and outsourcing. Atul received the following awards in recognition of his work: Globalization Today Powerhouse 25, NearShore Americas Power 50, Consulting Magazine – “Top 25 Most Influential Consultants”, “Top 6 IT Powerbrokers”, HRO Today – HR Outsourcing Superstar, FAO Today – Superstar. He has also written his latest book entitled “Outsourcing Wisdom”.

OI: Outsourcing Institute: You see huge potential in Mauritius, tell us why?
AV: Africa’s Billion people are an enticing market but many countries have challenges in the form of economic, political, labor pool and legal instability. Mauritius, in Africa is a shining light of stability. The stability in their politics, economy and labor pool has created a “Singapore” like location in Africa. It’s educated workforce which speaks English and French is ideal to support the Africa operations of MNCs and Regional firms, and also French speaking operations. Infrastructure is great, along with strong government support for the industry.

OI: Where do you see their sweet spot as far as domain expertise, technology, etc.?
AV: I see their sweet spot as serving Africa, and French speaking markets and also serving as the back-office hub for Multi-National firms and regional firms. The country follows English and French law which makes it unique in terms of skills. Also, the financial sector is very strong, and so strong availability in that sector too along with finance and accounting graduates. So, they are ideal for multi-functional operations center for Africa, and French speaking locations.

OI: How would you describe the overall culture there as more companies are realizing the importance of cultural fit as well?
AV: Culturally, the Mauritians are a very interesting blend of Africa, India, French and British cultures; Truly Creole! Most speak English and French and so Mauritius can provide bilingual support. The culture is very hospitable and responsive, which is a good fit for outsourcing.

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