Making the World Go Round: Atul Vashistha

Written by praveen gupta

According to many online sources, Atul Vashistha is recognized globally as one of the leading experts on globalization and outsourcing. He founded Neo Group in 2007 and a simile firm in 1999, with the mission of helping enterprises grow their business and improve operations by leveraging outsourcing and globalization. He also advises government and trade bodies on how to be better destinations for outsourcing. Helping enterprises manage and monitor supply relationships, risks and governance is what he does. Vashistha has another other firm called Best Outsourcing Jobs which was founded in July 2009 as a global online outsourcing focused employment solution. In 2011, leading industry magazine ‘Globalization Today’ recognized Atul as one of the 25 industry’s Most Influential Powerhouse 25. His list of awards is fairly long including, Near Shore Americas Power 50, Consulting Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Consultants, Top 6 IT Powerbrokers, HRO Today HR Outsourcing Superstar, and FAO Today named him an Outsourcing Superstar. His daily focus is as Chairman of Neo Group but has found the time to author three books; ‘Outsourcing Wisdom’,’ Globalization Wisdom’ and ‘The Offshore Nation’. Atul enjoys writing and can frequently be found in the bylines at HRO Today, Globalization Today, FAO Today, Global Services and Outsourcing Malaysia.

“I am most proud of the fact that even as a small business, Neo has created a globally recognized brand through its productive team, client loyalty and thought leadership,” shares Atul.

But aside from the awards and accomplishments, it is his wife and daughter that remain his major influences in life. They have a growth mindset and that inspires him to be constantly open to new ideas and directions. Also, they have the ability to forgive easily which must be valuable with a father and husband that has such a high level commitment to their professional.

If you lift up the covers on this executive, you will see some very unique beginnings to his career. “I am a certified firefighter in Arizona. One of my first jobs was a senior leader in a private fire and ambulance company. To ensure I understood the business, I went thru the Fire Academy, qualified and got certified,” Atul offers. This goes hand in hand with his answer to my final questions. When asked what he’d change in the world if he could, he wanted to embed a caring DNA in all humankind. Atul is already successful in his business ventures; let’s hope one day his wish for a caring DNA also comes true.

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