Global Sourcing 2015: Latin American Pulse Check

Written by Laurence Blanchette

In this webinar hosted by the Nearshore Executive Alliance, Neo Group will be moderating a discussion with Humana and Neoris about the key considerations that led them to set up shop in Latin America. Each country in the region (and even each city) offers an individual set of relevant opportunities and risks. Discover them in this webinar!

If you have existing operations in LatAm or are considering expanding to this region, don’t miss  this comprehensive look at the risks associated with different Latin American countries, and the decisions that you can make based on those risks.

Join us on February 12 at 2PM EST/1PM CST/11AM PST!

 You will learn:

– The risks that are most important when evaluating countries and cities.

– How to adapt your sourcing strategies as supplier or geographic risk profiles change.

– The contractual terms to address risk scenarios in supplier relationships.