Geopolitical Risks and Macroeconomic Trends at the CefPro TPRM USA: Cross Industry

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

CefPro TPRM Atlanta Cross Industry
Supply Wisdom will be presenting a breakout session on Addressing and Tracking Geopolitical Risks and Macroeconomic Trends within a TPRM Program on Day 1 of the conference.

CeFPro’s TPRM USA: Cross Industry event will provide a cross-sector view of supply chain risks and opportunities. In a post-pandemic environment, organizations are navigating a new normal and developing best practices in a changing environment. TPRM: Cross Industry aims to enhance collaboration across industries and utilize insight that can be redeployed across sectors.

Supply Wisdom is a proud sponsor of the conference.

At our breakout session on Day 1 of the conference, John Bree, Chief Evangelist & Chief Risk Officer, Supply Wisdom discuss:

  • Impact of the war in Ukraine on global supply chains across industries
  • Managing inflationary pressures and economic instability
  • Continuity of the great resignation and impact to professional services
  • Due diligence and ongoing monitoring techniques
  • Management of material suppliers
  • Preparing for changes in the availability and cost of key commodities
  • Spanning from energy costs to technology infrastructure
  • Identifying disruptions early and preparing
  • Counteracting a diminished workforce with reduced resources and funding
  • Benchmarking renegotiation of contracts with inflation rises

Dates: November 8 – 9, 2022

Place: Atlanta

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