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GARP: Beyond the Chaos: Getting to a Better Supplier Risk Response

Written by Atul Vashistha

Supplier Risk Response to ensure resiliency
Many hoped vaccines would bring a return to business as usual. Due to constantly emerging variants, vaccine shortages and hesitancy, the COVID impacts of 2020 – workforce shortages, border closings and travel restrictions – continued to plague business in 2021.

All of which was further amplified by some of last year’s greatest challenges such as extreme weather events, increased cyber attacks, China’s energy crisis, port closures and other logistics restrictions.

In this article for GARP, Atul Vashistha, Chairman & CEO, Supply Wisdom reviews some of 2021’s biggest challenges and how to better address them this year to take the first step in your risk management transformation.

SVB Collapse - Comprehensive TPRM Analysis

The Collapse of SVB: Analysis of Risk Indicators and Next Steps for TPRM

Get Supply Wisdom’s comprehensive analysis on SVB, including indicators across a full spectrum of risks, the causes of the collapse, and precautionary steps you can take in response to the SVB collapse.