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Announcing the Next Evolution in Automated Risk Management

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Supply Wisdom Exuma
Leader in third-party risk intelligence to automate risk actions and transform disruption prevention efforts

New York, NY – October 11, 2022 – Supply Wisdom, the leader in continuous risk intelligence and risk actions, today announced the latest version of its award-winning solution, Exuma, which leverages its real-time risk intelligence to automate risk actions.

“With today’s dynamic risk environment, companies are struggling to stay ahead of supply chain disruptions,” said Atul Vashistha, founder and chairman of Supply Wisdom. “We are thrilled to bring Exuma’s never-before-seen automation capabilities to the market. While our clients are already experiencing great results with the previous version of Supply Wisdom’s solution, such as 3x greater process efficiency with 10x ROI, we are confident that the new automation features in Exuma will transform risk management team productivity, process efficiency, and disruption prevention. With Exuma, companies can now automate their entire risk management lifecycle from risk identification to risk decision and action.”

Founded by experts in global sourcing and supplier management, Supply Wisdom understands how the dynamic risk environment puts inordinate pressure on teams to both identify the endless unknowns and proactively mitigate risks. Exuma is built on Supply Wisdom’s award-winning continuous monitoring and real-time risk intelligence solution, which covers more risk domains than any other solution. The latest update includes customizable workflows configuring to clients’ risk thresholds to trigger automated actions.

“This advancement in risk management automation is a ‘game changer’ for procurement and risk teams. Using data science applied to continuous risk management through automation frees up administrators to apply more resources to active risk management and less to administration,” said Jim Routh, former chief security officer of Aetna CVS and MassMutual and Supply Wisdom board member.

With the release of Exuma, Supply Wisdom has added exciting new features that enable significant improvements in risk management process efficiency, supply chain resiliency, and disruption prevention efforts, including:

  • Automated Risk Decision and Action Workflows with best practice-based and configurable workflows, user-selected threshold triggers set to risk metrics, ratings, and/or alerts, and pre-built integrations with major GRC/TPRM and communication platforms.
  • Enhanced Dashboards with advanced UI/UX tailored to the needs of individual personas, including risk managers, analysts, executives, and administrators.
  • Interactive Analytics with enhanced data visualization, data mining capabilities, and KRI (Key Risk Indicator) monitoring.

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About Supply Wisdom®

Supply Wisdom is how companies can finally stay ahead of supply chain disruptions. With today’s dynamic risk landscape, companies face endless unknowns in their supply chains and limited resources to act on them. From natural disasters and compliance issues to bankruptcies and cyber vulnerabilities, companies lacked a clear picture of all risks and the resources necessary for effective action.

Now Supply Wisdom’s always-on monitoring solution provides the most comprehensive real-time risk intelligence and triggers automated risk actions, so companies always have a clear picture of all risks and an efficient solution for swift mitigation.

That’s why industry leaders from Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharma, Hi-Tech, Insurance, and more rely on Supply Wisdom. And it’s how our clients are seeing so many great results – such as 3X greater process efficiency with a 10X ROI – while experiencing fewer disruptions, resilient supply chains, and enhanced business continuity. Now it’s all clearSM

Contact us today for a quick demo so you can see how our actionable approach with Supply Wisdom® Exuma can achieve great results for your company.

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