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Business Insider: Credit Suisse’s Top Bankers Demand Answers after Archegos Blowup

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Credit Suisse Risk Management Archegos Blowup.
At Archegos, a family office founded by the hedge-fund billionaire Bill Hwang, $8 billion in assets were vaporized when massive, concentrated bets held in swaps positions suddenly moved against it.

A series of blunders point to a problem that’s bedeviled the bank for years: Credit Suisse, a core part of the Swiss economy with international businesses and an elite wealth-management clientele, can’t seem to tamp down what one Bloomberg columnist called “a capacious appetite for risk.”

In this article for Business Insider, Victor Meyer, COO, Supply Wisdom and other leaders share their view on the role of risk management failures that led to an event as benign as ViacomCBS raising capital triggering a blowup across Credit Suisse and Wall Street.

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