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Supply Wisdom Makes Location and Third-Party Disruption Alerts Related to Covid-19 Openly Available

Written by John Bree


March 19, 2020, 

The coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has rapid evolved into a global pandemic. Supply Wisdom subscribers were first alerted to the disease on January 2, 2020 when it was reported as 30 cases of viral pneumonia in Wuhan, China. As of this writing, the virus has spread from China to 120+ countries, with over 207,000 confirmed cases and the death toll exceeding 8,600 (WHO statistics as of March 18, 2020). Since this first alert, Supply Wisdom has continuously monitored the situation and alerted their subscribers in real-time. 

“In these challenging times, knowledge is power.  We want to ensure that the entire global community beyond our subscribers has access to the portion of our alerting system focused on COVID-19”, explained Atul Vashistha, Founder of Supply Wisdom. 

All of the COVID-19 alerts that Supply Wisdom has issued to date to their subscribers as well as those that will be issued in the future as they continue to monitor this pandemic will be openly available on the Supply Wisdom website.

Please visit to access these free resources.  

As an additional resource, the Supply Wisdom team has prepared business continuity best practices and guidelines for successfully working remotely during the pandemic.  This resource can also be found here Responding to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Business Continuity and Resilience.  

Extreme weather, infectious diseases, natural disasters and climate action failure are among the most destructive, impactful, and at the same time, most likely to occur global business disruption risks. That’s why Supply Wisdom has declared Mother nature to be the ultimate regulator. Until now you might not have fully understood the criticality of monitoring the locations in which your third parties operate. As this latest natural disaster so poignantly illustrates, failure to monitor location-based risks is a critical gap in third-party risk monitoring programs. 

We urge you to NOT treat this outbreak as an anomaly. It is extremely unlikely to be the last disease outbreak with global business ramifications. On top of that, add the increasing likelihood that natural disasters and extreme weather events will result in business disruptions. In today’s interconnected business ecosystem, continuous monitoring of location-based events is critical to be prepared for business disruption risks. 

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