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Commercial Risk: CBI Capacity Wanes as Supply Chain Losses Mount

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Commercial Risk
CBI capacity wanes as supply chain risks lead to mounting losses 

The past two years have witnessed a number of supply chain risk events that have caused major disruption to businesses and led to significant claims for insurers. The Covid-19 pandemic, the Texas Big Freeze, a fire at a semiconductor plant in Japan, flooding at an auto manufacturing plant in South Africa, and, more recently, the conflict in Ukraine, have all led to sizeable losses for companies and insurers.

Companies are looking to monitor evolving risks continuously and want insights to help take immediate mitigation.

Technology is the only way to gain this level of visibility and proactivity, and boards are taking action. We’re seeing more and more companies implement technology to identify and manage supply chain risk continuously, in real-time.

Atul Vashistha, Chairman & CEO of Supply Wisdom, shares his views on supply chain transparency during his interview for Commercial Risk.


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