China Eying Highly Skilled Indian Engineers

President Trump has started to deliver on his campaign promises within the first month of his presidency. Case in point would the review of H1B visa policy. There have been speculations that the minimum salary for H1B jobs would be

Cross Cultural Risks in Globalization – II (Solutions)

Current Scenario:

Despite the differences and difficulties, in the current global scenario, it is extremely tough to not outsource or offshore. Firstly, in outsourcing, there is a comparative advantage – the ability to manage services at a lower opportunity cost.

Cross Cultural Risks in Globalization – I (Problem)


In today’s world, where companies’ competitiveness lies majorly in sourcing, cross culture is becoming increasingly relevant. According to Charles Gay and James Essinger in their book, “Managing Strategic Sourcing”, if you are flying on a BA aircraft, you are

Risks and Opportunities Shaping IT/BPM

The global IT/BPM sourcing landscape over the past decade and a half has been shaped by a number of factors such as cost arbitrage, availability of human capital, IT/IP protection regimes and ease of doing business. While some of these