Third Party Oversight

Brand Risk – Sourcing Decisions Can’t Be Made On Hard Numbers Alone

Written by Christine Ferrusi Ross

Recently British Telecom announced that it planned to bring call center services back from India and place them in the UK. Why would BT bring back these services a decade after moving them?

Reports show that UK customers were unhappy with speaking to representatives not based in the UK, and also referenced poor customer satisfaction scores. BT however, did not appear to feel that the supplier was under performing, only that the move was necessary given customer sentiment.

In fact, BT made a point to say it would continue to use global delivery, although not for customer-facing work. It intends to continue to leverage India for other BPO functions and tasks.

The key take-away from this example is to listen to your consumers continuously. What was a successful model for many years has become a hindrance today. It is critical to have a continuous feedback loop in place to capture information about customer satisfaction and overall customer experience at all times.

Brand risk is as important as other better-understood risks like financial risk. Using global delivery and talent is a requirement for any large firm today, but not for all areas and not for all time.

It’s important to monitor global delivery against external perceptions also, to ensure that your operational efficiency efforts aren’t hurting your brand.

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