BPO Innovations Conference

Written by praveen gupta

Maximizing outsourcing relationships is a challenge for buyer and seller alike. Buyers want more value. Service providers must meet their numbers. How can both win?

The answer is innovative business process outsourcing. Explore ways to apply this concept to your business at the BPO Innovations Conference taking place in New York City on November 13, 2013.

Neo Group will be participating in a panel titled, BPO Vendor Governance: Mitigating Risks, Improving Outcomes.

Up to 15% of outsourcing contract value can be lost due to lack of or mismanaged Vendor Governance. Understanding and adequately enforcing key aspects of Vendor Governance will significantly reduce risks emerging from Geo, Financial, Regulatory and Operational perspectives. Panelists will discuss how effective Governance can stop value leakage and improve outcomes and what are some of the best practices that have been successfully adopted in BPO engagements.

For more information about the BPO Innovations Conference, please visit the event page.