BPO Innovations Conference

Written by Laurence Blanchette

The BPO Innovations Conference, hosted by Outsourcing Institute, will provide a roadmap to changing market dynamics and how to obtain true innovation value add in your existing and future outsourcing relationships.

Spend the day networking, learning and connecting with leading BPO industry decision makers, influencers and thought leaders. Sessions at BPOI will touch base on Innovative Case Studies, Shifting from Cost to Business Transformation, Leveraging BPO to Enable the Digital Enterprise, Multi-shoring: Managing Service Delivery and Geo-political Risks, and more!

Neo Group CEO, Atul Vashistha, will be leading the closing panel on Going Beyond BPO: Fueling Innovation and Achieving Transformation. He will be joined by panelists Rajesh Anandan, SVP at UNICEF USA; Shelia Knuckles, BPO Relations Lead, McKesson; Michael Latchford, Managing Consultant, Outsourcing, PA Consulting; and Vishal Alhuwalia, UBS.

Competitive pressures are compelling organizations to demand significant value from sourcing and global services – strategic to tactical, top-line to bottom-line. Leading practitioners are going beyond a cost-savings model and investing in revenue-generating initiatives such as developing new products and identifying new markets. Successful global players are achieving this by realizing powerful benefits from Digital Talent and Analytics. This final session will offer first-hand examples and insights from leading thinkers and practitioners on how they are enabling this type of innovation within their organizations. Key takeaways from the day will also be reviewed in this context.

Join us October 30, 2014 at the BPO Innovations Conference in New York City!

Admission is complimentary for Buyers using code BuyerNG.

If you are an Influencer or Service Provider, please use code NeoGroup50 when registering to receive a 50% discount on behalf of Neo Group and the Outsourcing Institute.

Visit the event website for more details.

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